Age In Grace - REFILL Moisturizing Cream 60ml

CAD 30.00




The cream comes in a sealed light-protected silver foil baggie. simply cut a small corner and refill your clean sterilized jar.


Witness the instant results of this amazing moisturizer. It smoothes out wrinkles and eliminates puffiness without drying out your skin. It creates a canvas of youthful & rejuvenated skin.


This cream deeply hydrates and moistens the skin and contains vitamin E, evening primrose oil, and select essential oils, known for their antioxidant properties, and skin regeneration through cell renewal action.
Directions: Apply everyday to face and neck skin with gentle circular massages to stimulate skin cells.

Packaging: 60ml Glass jar with gold or silver top. 

Daily Usage: It can be used for most skin types. It is made with natural ingredients and very little preservatives, just enough to keep it fresh. It has approximately a 1-year shelf life and refrigerated it can go further. 


I created this formula for myself and so many people commented on the change in my skin and how young I was looking that I decided to produce it for others" Michèle St.Amour, creator



Made with natural ingredients & a dash of Michèle’s little bit of Magik!

This cream is a luxuriously rich, creamy moisturizer that melts into the skin leaving it with a silky, soft texture. It is made from some of the most natural and mild ingredients. It is fast absorbing, leaves no sticky feeling, and is easy to spread while maintaining the look and feel of naturalness

Customer Shares: "Within 3 weeks of daily use of Michèle's Moisturizer, I visibly dropped off 5 years of aging.