Sage Herbal Wellness Tea Blend 3 pack

CAD 24.99



  1. Michèle's Wellness Sage Tea is a perfect blend of Nature's Magic in 4 herbal Blends

  2. Packaging: Pack of 1 Serving (12 cups) / can be refrigerated for 5 days
  3. The package includes detailed preparation instructions and we also have tutorial videos available.
  4. A 3-pack is also available, see store.
  5. It comes in a sealed package protected from the light; Unopened it can last many years if properly stored. (dark, cool, dry area)


  1. As a naturopath and Medicine woman, Michèle is very versed in the magical properties of the Kingdom of Nature. Everything we need is there if we simply take the time to connect and learn how to use the energies all around us. This Herbal blend is one of the very powerful teas you can tap into to better manage your health.


    • It's an amazing remedy to as a preventative

      (immune system boosting) and treatment for viral, microbial and bacterial related!

    • Great as a support for covid and all related virus's. It naturally numbs pain and sore throat so is an aid to sleep especially with its soothing and calming properties. A must in everyone's medicine cabinet.



    The health benefits of sage tea include: calming, lowering anxiety,   helping you sleep, soothing and helping relieve symptoms of allergies, colds, flu, viral infections, etc.

    • coughs, throat ailments, lung congestion

    • insomnia, migraines and headaches,

    • body aches and pain, mild depression

    • indigestion,

    • swollen glands, lung congestion, clears the nasal passages

    • detoxify the body,

    • stimulates and boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM

      Caution: overuse (more than 3 weeks) may cause some minor side effects like headaches and other minor ailments. In small quantities (3- 4 cups a day) it is generally safe for most people. Contact us if you have any questions.

    Ingredients: sage, st-john's wort, lemonbalm, peppermint.