Mentoring with Michèle - PRIVATE - 1 Session

CAD 950.00



Welcome to the world of your Chakaura™! 

That part of you Beyond Time, Beyond Quantum Physics

Where anything is possible!

Each minute spent with Michèle is a Blessing..Experience it and know it to be!

PRIVATE 1-hour Mentoring Session with Michèle as she supports, guides and teaches you unusual knowledge specifically for your SPECIAL needs. Guaranteed to shift your perspective and your life!

Limited availability. 

Once booked, and your session date and time is confirmed you will receive a short online questionnaire to fill to maximize the positive results of your experience with us .



  • Michèle offers morning appointments only from 9am to 1pm EST time. Monday to Thursday and some Saturdays
  • Once we have received your financial commitment you will be emailed a choice of dates and times for your session with Michèle within 48 to 72 hours. ( Please note we follow Tuesday to Friday business hours (9am - 4pm EST) for all correspondence. We do not monitor emails on weekends)

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING: We do not accept cancellations on any sessions or services or programs once funds are received since there is an energetic exchange process that begins the moment you commit financially. 

WE can at times under certain conditions, determined by us, change or shift a date or service if need be. This is not a guarantee and will depend on the surrounding reasoning and energy.